Summit Macedonia 2025: Prosperous economy through strategic leadership, strengthened cooperation and exemplary of new technologies


Strengthened cooperation and strong private-public partnership in the direction of building prosperous economies through digitalization, strategic leadership and successful social transformation is the central theme of this year’s Summit Macedonia 2025, which started Wednesday and will continue throughout tomorrow. The executive director of Macedonia 2025, Nikica Mojsoska-Blazevski, in her address at the opening of the Summit, reminded about the role and mission of the organization.
“Our main commitment since the foundation of Macedonia 2025 is to support the progress of the country, through the inclusion of the Macedonian diaspora in the current developments in the country in the direction of building a strong and prosperous nation. We all have a responsibility to our families and future generations to ensure a better and more prosperous future, a higher standard of living and quality of life. In that direction, we strive through our activities to unite all stakeholders, align key priorities and work towards achieving goals. I sincerely believe that Macedonia 2025 through its activities and programs, including the Summit, will contribute to the development of the country,” said Mojsoska-Blazevski.

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