Council of Europe should impose sanctions on Bulgaria because it does not implement the verdicts of the Strasbourg Court, says Nikoloski


As it is clearly stated in the summary of this Report – The implementation of the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights is a priority for the Parliamentary Assembly and the Council of Europe. All states must implement, in good faith and without delay, the final, binding judgments of the European Court of Human Rights. In order to implement court verdicts in a timely and effective manner, the states must have effective national coordination mechanisms, with sufficient hierarchy and resources, said the vice-president of VMRO-DPMNEAleksandarNikoloski on Thursday.

“Bulgaria is the seventh country with the largest number of pending cases, a total of 166 decisions of this Court have not been implemented. As one can imagine, an EU member state, which vetoes my country Macedonia, is trying to open accession negotiations with the EU, not to implement the decisions of the European Court and at the same time talking about human rights and the rule of law in other countries, how shameful this is,” said Nikoloski.

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