Kilometer of highway in the country costs twice as much as the most expensive in Europe!


According to the scandalous contract that the Macedonian Government signed with the companies Bechtel and Enka for the construction of Corridors 8 and 10D, without the additional costs that constantly occur in N. Macedonia, as seen by this Government, which for the Kichevo-Skopje highway from the planned 320 million euros with the previous Government, this Government upgraded additional costs of almost 250 million euros (!), a kilometer of road for Corridor 8 and 10D without that item will cost at least 25 million euros, reportsVecher.

“Macedonia is not a mountainous Austria or Switzerland, so the configuration of the terrain is considered flat to moderately complex for the necessary construction of high and long bridges and kilometer-long tunnels, labor and equipment here are far cheaper than in Europe. But despite that, the price for a kilometer of highway in N. Macedonia is a record in Europe – with 25 million euros per kilometer!”.


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