Bochvarski: The quick completion of the corridors is of great importance for the economy and regional development


The member of the SDSM Central Board Blagoj Bochvarski, in an interview with MIA, stressed the strategic importance of Corridors 8 and 10, which will be brought to the level of greater security, to the level of highway solutions, and the state will become a crossroads from a roundabout in the Balkans.

Bochvarski points out that this project envisages phased construction, which means that in a certain section or location there is land that is property-legally clean, then there the contractor designs and immediately starts construction, and while that part is being built, he continues with the design with expropriation on the other sections and continues with construction on the other sections as well.

“This model is not well known in the country, but it has also been applied in the surrounding countries and shows good results and progress in the field. It is precisely for this reason that the law was passed about two years ago, which prescribes procedures for action and movement up to the selection of the contractor and then in the rest of the implementation phases”, stressed Bochvarski, adding that the previous model showed a large number of weaknesses in the realization of the projects.

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