Democratic Union demands resignations from all Judicial Council members


The Democratic Union (DS) demands that the members of the Republican Judicial Council resign because of the developments in the Council, but above all because of the unreliable judicial system, citizens’ distrust in judges (only 3 percent of citizens trust judges), as well as the deliberate obsolescence of a large number of difficult court cases, the suspicions of large-scale corruption and the complete paralysis of the rule of law and the legal system, said the DS on Saturday.

“After ascertaining the resignations, start the procedure for the election of new members of the Republic Judicial Council. The Democratic Union also insists on a review of the work of all judges, as well as the repeal of the Constitutional Amendment (Amendment XXVII) which exempts judges from criminal responsibility when making court decisions and reconsidering the permanent mandate of judges,” said the opposition party that was part of the ruling coalition until recently.


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