Kovachevski: All government measures aimed at improving citizens’ living standard, you will always have an ally in me


Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski praised workers’ labor in times of crisis in a video message for May 1st – International Workers’ Day on Monday.

We did not leave anyone out this winter. We showed responsibility and brought several packages of anti-crisis measures in the amount of over 760 million euros, with which we protected the standard of living, but also jobs. This is a time of solidarity, but also a time to recognize the crisis as an opportunity. We know that we can always do better and more, and we fight for that. This dedicated work will continue. The doors of the Government are always open for you. Together, side by side, we will solve all the challenges, and you will always have an ally in me and in the Government,” said Macedonian Prime Minister Kovachevski in his vide message.



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