Salaries between MKD 30,000 and 70,000 offered after three applicants applied for one job position on the Corridors 8 & 10-d ad


The Public Enterprise for State Roads received almost three applicants for one advertised position on Corridors 8 and 10-d. The ad was open until April 25, and those interested had 13 days to apply.

“On the public announcement published on April 13, 2023, a total of 73 workers applied for 15 jobs for 28 executors. The phase of candidate selection follows and at the moment we cannot provide additional information”, the EP told Makfax.

The advertisement, which is looking for 28 workers whose duties will be exclusively Corridors 8 and 10-d, also states that the new employees in the company will have basic salaries from 29,866 MKD to 70,052 MKD, and will be employed until the completion of the project, until 22.1.2028. These wages are for a 40-hour work week.


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