February average wage at MKD 39,276


The average monthly paid net wage per employee in the country was MKD 39,276 in February, 2024.

According to the data of the State Statistics Office, the index of the average monthly paid gross salary per employee in February 2024, compared to February 2023, is 116.8.

This increase is due, above all, to the increase in the average monthly gross salary paid per employee in the sectors: Public Administration and Defense; compulsory social insurance (25.4 %), Administrative and auxiliary service activities (22.8 %) and Art, entertainment and recreation (20.3 %).

A decrease in the average monthly gross salary paid per employee, compared to the previous month, was observed in the sectors: Transport and storage (9.8%), Mining and quarrying (7.4%) and Agriculture, forestry and fishing (5.1%).

The average monthly gross wage paid per employee amounted to MKD 58,967 in February 2024.


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