VMRO-DPMNE asks the Parliament to declare over the confused state of the Judicial Council


The VMRO-DPMNE and Coalition MP group will present information in the Parliament today in order to clarify the disastrous and confusing situation in which the Judicial Council is, which led to the unconstitutional and illegal dismissal of the president Vesna Dameva, the opposition VMRO – DPMNE said in a press release on Wednesday.

“Submitting this Information, we are looking for urgent and quick answers from the most responsible who brought the Judicial Council to the level of a private and personal tool for inter-party and inter-coalition fights and bargaining, but also from those who previously supported Vesna Dameva, Selim Ademi, Pavlina Crvenkovska , Tanja Chacharova-Ilievska and Milazim Mustafa, elected right here in the Parliament, by the ruling majority. The partisanship of the power of the Judicial Council and the Macedonian judiciary as a whole has now finally come to light”, said the largest opposition party.

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