Delchev’s grandson: Macedonians should continue to fight for their freedom


This is a difficult day, a day of loss and a day for which a high price was paid. The price of life and liberty. Freedom is an expensive thing, probably the most expensive thing in the world. It is the death of a young man who paid with his life for the freedom of all, said the grandson of GoceDelchev’s youngest brother, the conductor HristoHristov, after laying flowers in front of Delchev’s grave, in the “Sveti Spas” church in Skopje.

“He fought for people’s freedom. Those who live at that time, he fought for them not to be just ordinary peasants, but to have a human life. It is quite diffcult, Macedonians should probably continue to fight for their freedom. It is something that should be breathed constantly, as long as one lives,” said Hristov.

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