Mickoski: Disasters in all areas bring our nation to its knees


These six years are the culmination of all the misfortunes of all the people in our Macedonia. And it is not only the betrayals of the agreements that are the painful legacy and the cancer that is suffocating our nation or the ideological decomposition of our traditions and foundations where everything related to Macedonian existence, morality and family is rejected as retrograde, but also the breakdowns in all others areas that bring our nation to its knees, said the leaderof VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski at yesterday’s forum in Bitola, on the topic of foreign policy.

The opposition leader stresses that the misfortune knows neither religion nor belonging to a nation, but it is collective and shared, pointing out several sore points that happened to the state under the SDS leadership.

“In order to conclude that when they are the ones in power they will say refrain and swallow another big bite, another new self-denial, remain silent on another big betrayal of their existence, the people need to know two things: that it is not the last what they are preparing and that the happiness and the dream they promise will never ever come with these people,” said Mickoski.

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