Observance of May 5-Macedonian Language Daywill begin at UKIM


The celebration of May 5-Macedonian Language Day will begin at the University “St. Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje (UKIM). With an event entirely dedicated to the International Seminar on Macedonian Language, Literature and Culture at UKIM (MSMJLK at UKIM), which is the main carrier and pivot of the development of Macedonian studies at foreign university centers.

For their special contribution to the affirmation of Macedonian studies, UKIM will award recognitions to university professors – directors of MSMJLK at UKIM since its foundation: acad. Aleksandar Spasov (posthumously), Acad. Bozhidar Vidoeski (posthumously), prof. Dr. Tome Sazdov (posthumously), Prof. Dr. Kiril Koneski (posthumously), prof. Dr. Tomislav Todorovski, prof. Dr. Kosta Peev, prof. Dr. Maksim Karanfilovski, prof. Dr. Emiljia Crvenkovska, prof. Dr. Slavica Veleva and Prof. Dr. Vesna Mojsova-Chepishevska, who has been managing MSMJLK at UKIM since 2019. Recognition will also be handed to the lecturer who has so far devoted the longest time to developing the activity of MSMJLK at UKIM, Roza Tasevska.


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