Mickoski tells Kovachevski: Let’s debate on a media outlet of your choosing over the historical Corridors robbery


The leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, in his address at Thursday’s tribune in Bitola dedicated to foreign policy, called Dimitar Kovachevski on a TV show for Macedonian citizens to see the facts about the contract for part of Corridors 8 and 10-d, so that citizens see how they are spending taxpayers’ money, and as soon as the authorities boast that the contract is good, there is no need for Kovachevski to run away.

“I have a public offer to Dimitar Kovachevski, they themselves say that they are transparent, and since the public deserves answers, it deserves to know how the people’s billions are spent, let’s go to a duel, you are running away from elections, you are running away from confrontations on different topics, come on let’s go out to a duel, you and I face to face and on the media that he chooses, let’s face each other publicly just for this contract. Here we will not talk about the debacles in other areas. Let’s just talk about the contract that deprives the people of billions of euros, let’s debate about the historic contract or to be more precise about historical robbery,” Mickoski said.

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