We need open campaigns on whether citizens need to possess firearms, says Dujovski


The latest events in neighboring Serbia, where two days ago a minor killed and injured classmates with a gun and a 21-year-old boy who killed and wounded several people with a gun, opened the question of how many and how weapons are available to children.
Professor Nikola Dujovski, dean of the Faculty of Security in Skopje, explaining the procedure for the purchase and possession of firearms in our country, which is regulated according to the Law on Weapons, stresses that one of the things that must be fulfilled is to prove that the citizen has justifiable reason to acquire and possess a firearm.
According to the professor, the problem is illegal weapons and he emphasizes that we should talk about open campaigns about whether we need firearms.
“The number of illegal weapons that are owned in the whole country should especially worry us and probably now is the right time when we should talk about open campaigns about whether we really need to own firearms,” the professor pointed out.

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