Minister of Education to propose restrictions of social media in schools


The Macedonian Ministry of Education and Science (MES) will propose at a government session to make an urgent assessment of the situations and security risks that are fed by certain social media such as TikTok.
Considering the events in neighboring Serbia and for the purpose of reducing all possible risks and threats to the security of students and teachers in schools, I will propose to the Government and security authorities an urgent assessment of the situation and the security risks, largely fed by certain social media such as TikTok, says Minister of Education and Science Yeton Shaqiri.
“Taking into account that social media should not be used in a school environment, Minister Shaqiri says protocols and guidelines are already drafted for school staff and teachers, in order to minimize those risks while limiting or fully disabling their use. I call on all teachers and parents for a more open dialogue, promotion of understanding and positive considerations so that we help our but also children around us, because they are the most at-risk category at this moment,” says Shaqiri.

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