Mickoski: The Macedonian language is our homeland, not the means for subterfuge


Language is our only homeland. As long as we keep it, cherish it, cultivate it, see our Macedonian language – we will be able to consider that we also have the homeland. Like a house, like a home, like a hearth. These words of Blazhe Koneski are the best description of the Macedonian language, its meaning and its identity mark of Macedonia and the Macedonian, the leader VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski said in a Facebook post on the National Macedonian Language Day.
Mickoski says that the Macedonian language is not a tree without roots, it has existed and will exist in these areas for centuries.
“The Macedonian language is not the means for subterfuge, as today’s misunderstood merchants negotiate it, and even shamelessly say that they negotiated it. The language is a homeland, which we have inherited, which we must safeguard carefully and hand over as sacredness to the future generations of Macedonians. Happy May 5 – Macedonian Language Day”, Mickoski wrote in his post.

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