Petir: I have always fought for Macedonia like a lioness because I don’t tolerate injustice


The efforts one makes to get women involved in politics and decision-making processes, which is not only their right, but also very important because of the special view that women bring to such processes. Women’s genius, women’s intuition is admirable, noted the MP of the Croatian Parliament, MarijanaPetir, at the 19th annual conference of the VMRO-DPMNE Women’s Union called “Decisive for changes”.

The MP added that the positive legal regulations related to the action of women in politics exist, but there are prejudices and stereotypes that women are exposed to on a daily basis.

“You all know that I love Macedonia and you know that I have always fought for Macedonia like a lioness, because I do not tolerate injustice. I don’t think there is any other nation like the Croats who can understand the difficulty that Macedonia is facing,” said Petir.

Petir stressed that she opposed and continues to oppose the unjust pressures that encroach on the sovereignty, the national cultural identity of Macedonia.


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