Prendzov: The authorities classify the Bechtel-Enkacontract differently, it’s proof that they are scared


VMRO-DPMNE MP LjupchoPrendzov, in an interview with Radio “Leader, spoke about the scandalous contract with Bechtel-Enka, and pointed out that the Government classifies this contract differently, which shows that they are afraid and want to hide the contract from the public’s eyes.

“I have not seen what the contract looks like and I have not seen if it is really classified, because the deputy prime minister who is leading the project with Bechtel-Enka said in one of his TV presentations that the contract was not classified. After 3 days they say that the contract is a business secret, then the contract is classified and these are all different things and it is seen that they are scared and it is seen that they want to hide it from the public’s eyes”, stressed the MP.

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