Greek police seize 104.6 kg of cocaine in Thessaloniki that was supposed to reach N. Macedonia


The Greek police, in cooperation with their colleagues from North Macedonia and the office of the US Drug Enforcement Administration in Athens, broke up an international criminal organization for drug trafficking and seized over 100 kilograms of cocaine in Thessaloniki. The police in Thessaloniki announced on Wednesday that ten people were arrested in Greece, 104 kilograms and 665 grams of cocaine were seized, as well as 280,000 euros.

The cocaine arrived in Thessaloniki from Latin America, hidden in special parts in a container of bananas. Greek police sources brief that from the warehouse, some of the drugs were supposed to reach Macedonia, and from there to other European countries.

Greek police sources brief that it was from the warehouse that some of the drugs were supposed to reach Macedonia, and probably from there to be sent to other European countries.

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