Detention for one of the usurpers of the land at the Bit Pazar polyclinic, PPO initiates proceedings


The judge in a previous procedure determined a measure of detention for 8 days for one of the two suspects for usurping the land at the Bit Pazar polyclinic, and prescribed precautionary measures to the person who operated the excavator, after the Public Prosecutor submitted a proposal for determining a detention measure for both persons to the Basic Criminal Court on Saturday evening.

Last night, the Prosecutor’s Office started proceedings against them for a crime – usurpation of real estate according to the Criminal Code.

As reported, the two suspects, aged 45 and 42, in a particularly brazen manner, demolished part of the fence of the Bit Pazar polyclinic with an excavator and began leveling and tamping the land, which was not in their possession, with they intend to turn it into a parking lot, although they did not have the appropriate permission from the municipality.



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