Gjorchev: Due to the government’s catastrophic policies, defeats are happening to Macedonia


VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee member Vladimir Gjorchev, in an interview with Radio Leader, spoke about the entire situation in the country, where he clearly indicated that a large number of disasters are happening to the country because of this incompetent government.

“At the moment, the main topics are the topic with Bechtel-Enka and about constitutional amendments and the problem with Bulgaria, and in those two topics the government loses 100 to 0 and they don’t even hide that, but they say, come on, let’s have as much corruption as possible. The problem is that we have ten other issues happening that somehow fly under the radar, all but one of which are disastrous. Here, starting with the fact that we have the highest inflation in the region, that we have twice as much inflation as the EU, that we have no investments, that we have an epic exodus from Macedonia, and then to the fact that the school year ends in May, and the children do not have school textbooks,” said Gjorchev.

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