The SOC Council begins, topics Kosovo and the Macedonian issue


Today starts the session of the Council of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC), its most important body, at which, in addition to the Kosovo issue, the Macedonian issue will be considered.

According to the Beta agency, “the Macedonian issue will certainly be before the patriarch and the bishops. At the last Council, it was decided that the Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archdiocese (MOC) will receive a tomos for autocephaly, which will overcome the dispute that arose when it uncanonically separated from the Serbian Church from an autonomous to a completely independent status.”

“Since the Council is responsible for the most important decisions, it is possible to announce what is happening with the Orthodox Ohrid Archdiocese (POA) established as an autonomous within the Serbian Church, which was a response to the long-term refusal of the MOC to return to such a status,” Beta reports.


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