Stojanoska: Almost half a million citizens live on MKD 150 a day, while Grubi counts his millions


VMRO-DPMNE MP Dafina Stojanoska was visiting the populated areas in the territory of the municipality of Demir Hisar, Zagorice, Strugovo, Belce, where unfortunately the citizens of this beautiful region of the Republic of Macedonia are talking about the same problems that are plaguing the entire country.


The MP pointed out that ‘one of the more current problems is that the Republic of Macedonia is run by a criminal duo, led by the bigger brother DUI and its smaller obedient brother, the Social Democratic Union- SDSM’.

“Citizens are aware that on the back of their poverty, this criminal duo is rich, on the back of almost half a million citizens of the Republic of Macedonia who live on 150 denars a day, Artan Grubi counts the millions, or even billions I would say. And since Macedonia has been humiliated to such an extent that its prime minister is not even able, that is, he is not even allowed to submit and sign his resignation, because for that he needs to get permission from its older brother, and that signed resignation would mean going to snap elections” , said MP Stojanoska.


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