Macedonia accepted the invitation from Hungary and Serbia to build a high-speed railway


The country accepted the invitation from Hungary and Serbia to join the high-speed railway project along Corridor 10. Sources from the Government brief that soon the Minister of Transport and Communications Blagoj Bochvarski will sign the memorandum, Faktor reports on Tuesday.

The construction of the high-speed railway between Budapest and Belgrade has already started. From Preshevo, it should continue through Skopje to Evzoni, as informed by the Government. The amount required for the project, according to the initial projections, is 1.5 billion euros, but the connection will be financed by European money, that is, the EU itself is strongly interested in this project, and a large part of the funds would be paid as a European grant.

At the end of March, the Serbian and Hungarian transport ministers invited their colleagues from the region to join the construction of the high-speed railway. Invitations were also sent to Bulgaria, Albania, Greece and Turkey.

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