SSM: Besimi’s statement that if salaries in the public sector increase now, it will affect inflation is unreasonable


The minister’s statement that if the salaries of the workers are increased now will have implications for inflation, say the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (SSM), after the Minister of Finance Fatmir Besimi came out with a statement on Tuesday that an increase in salaries in the public sector because there will be implications of inflation and recommended that it be done next year in 2024.

“The assessment of the minister that the dialogue in the Economic and Social Council (ESC) on increasing salaries will take time and that the methodology for salaries in the public sector (the one against which all the unions are opposed) will be determined faster, which will put order in salaries in the public sector, will remain only his wishful thinking. How long will the Government feign social dialogue, how long will government officials speak one thing at the ESC and another in the media, and will they ever be ashamed of the fact that they increased their salaries by 78 percent during the highest inflation, and they did not deserve such an increase in any way. Do they have at least a shred of conscience when they say that if workers’ salaries are increased, inflation will rise while more than 1,100 officials line their pockets”, the SSM said.



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