Kovachevski: Goce Delchev’s heirs will add Radev’s compatriots to Constitution


After the constitutional changes working group drafts the amendments, the heirs of Goce Delchev will add the compatriots and heirs of Radev to the Macedonian Constitution, said Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski on Thursday in response to Bulgarian President Rumen Radev’s statement that “the Government in North Macedonia will be able to say it is building a modern multiethnic society once it includes Goce Delchev’s compatriots within its Constitution.”

In response to a media question about how he comments on the reactions from Bulgaria, after his statement that the Bulgarian discourse towards N. Macedonia is similar to the discourse that Russia uses in Ukraine, Kovachevski said that what he had to say at the Council of Europe Summit he said publicly and he would not comment on it further.

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