New provocation from Radev: When you include Delchev’s compatriots in the Constitution, then you will become a democratic state


The leadership of N. Macedonia needs to convince its citizens, not Bulgaria, that it is building a democratic state in which Bulgarian clubs are not set on fire and in which Bulgarians are not exposed to systemic terror, physical violence and staged court trials, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev replied to the BGNES for alleged “blacklists” with new accusations.
The Government of RNM can say that it is building a modern multi-ethnic society when it finds the strength to include Goce Delchev’s compatriots in its Constitution,” provokes Radev.
The head of the Bulgarian state reminded that the negotiating framework has one part on which the whole process depends, and that is the Protocol.
“There is no progress there, and there are textbooks and hate speech, there is the media, there is the opening of the archives and the apology for the ethnic repressions against the Bulgarians in history. There are important things like our cultural heritage there,” said Radev.
The Bulgarian president adds that the inclusion of Bulgarians in the Constitution is a mandatory condition for the start of EU negotiations.

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