Economic Chamber shares a proposal for energy measures to all state institutions competent in energy


Nine proposed measures that the state should take to support the economy in an energy crisis have been sent by the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia – ECNM, to all state and public institutions that have competence in energy. The letter is addressed to the Government, Ministry of Economy, Environment, AD ESM, AD MEPSO, NER, RKE, MANU, MEMO and other state entities.

The measures resulted from the session of the Board of Directors of ECNM and the Macedonian Energy Association, and among other things, they contain recommendations to economic entities.

“The first is for AD ESM, with the support of the Government, to conceptualize the production from thermal power plants according to the price of fuel oil and coal, that is, if in the next period when the production of cheap electricity from photovoltaics grows, AD ESM should focus on the purchase of such energy, instead of producing more expensive electricity from thermal power plants,” the Chamber announced.

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