Lefkov: SDS and DUI carry out partisanship and privatization of international relations


There is a terrible epidemic of incompetence and criminality in Macedonia. A very strange combination of all the holders of the executive power, we will either see extreme incompetence or we will see extreme corruption, says VMRO-DPMNE MP Mile Lefkov at Friday’s panel discussion organized by the party entitled “Macedonia’s catastrophic international policy”.

MP Lefkov added that the SDS and DUI Government is carrying out partisanship and privatization of international relations.

“We have seen partisanship of international relations and privatization of international relations. Look at how the negotiations with Bulgaria were conducted, the answer to every question was that it is our business. And that “our work” brought us to where we are and you see now in Parliament a bunch of laws where it is a question of abuse of the so-called EU flag procedure,” said Lefkov.

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