Miloshoski: The only “European” thing about the DUI and SDS Government is that it legalizes crime for corridors 8 and 10D with a European


I would like to send a message to the so-called government. “European front” what made it European in the country is that many young people left the country because of this lack of perspective and went to the member states of the European Union, pointed out MP and member of the VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee Antonio Miloshoski during a visit to populated areas from the field activity of the opposition party.
Miloshoski adds that the citizens of the populated areas say that it is time for elections and a change of government, it is time to improve life in Macedonia.
“For the first time, we have a Government that covers high corruption such as the contract with Bechtel-Enka with a EU flag. Citizens see this especially in the southeastern part of the country, where it is seen that it is neglected and there are no major infrastructure projects. And that’s why people say that it’s time for us to have serious European elections, European standards, change of this government and improvement of the state’s way of working”, Miloshoski said.

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