Police break up an organized crime group that sold drugs with the help of a police officer


On Saturday morning, in a coordinated and joint action by police officers from the Department of Criminal Police, the Unit for Illegal Drug Trafficking, the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit “Tiger” and the police from several cities in the southeastern part of the country, they broke up an organized crime that was reselling cocaine, amphetamine and marijuana in the areas of Shtip, Kochani, Vinica and Berovo.The criminal group worked for a long time on the resale of narcotic drugs in these areas and had logistical support from a police officer from the Berovo Police, who helped them by providing information.
During the criminal investigation in April and May 2023, evidence was already provided and marijuana and amphetamine were seized, for which two people in Skopje and one in Vinica were criminally prosecuted, who are serving detention.

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