Mickoski: The decision of the Strasbourg Court on April 27 is a slap in the face for SDS and DUI who led a political hunt against the opposition


A verdict has arrived from the Strasbourg Court for the April 27 process, and it is clearly stated that human rights were violated and detention was abused. This verdict is a slap in the face for the SDS DUI government, which led the most brutal political hunt against the opposition, and the goal is clear, not that people who are still in prison are terrorists, but because they pressured the Government to pass the constitutional amendments. A few years later, the judge who led the case became a synonym for what today is called the Kacarska judiciary, a broken judicial system that is a corrupt tool in the hands of the government, as well as a SJO whip in the hands of SDS and DUI, which collapsed because of its criminalization, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski at a forum dedicated to healthcare in Strumica.

Mickoski pointed out that ‘hundreds, I would say thousands of families suffered, and tens of their loved ones were sent to prisons not because justice was sought, but because a witch-hunt was being conducted’.

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