The Strasbourg court verdict is a confirmation that the process for April 27 is a politically rigged case


The ruling resonated with the public and people who did not know that I had such a dispute before the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. I submitted the application in May 2018 and the procedure lasted five years and was preceded by several stages, noted Elena Docevska-Bozhinovska in an interview with Alfa TV.

She stressed that this battle has been won, and we have many more battles ahead until the final release of the unjustly convicted people on April 27.

“The verdict is the one that gives me satisfaction for many reasons. The verdict is a confirmation of what we have been saying for five years, that the process was politically rigged from the beginning. That the state and the government abused institutions and human rights during that process,” said Docevska-Bozhinovska.

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