Construction site victims will be the consequences of the new changes to the law for 72 working hours per week


Representative of the Union of Construction Workers Ivan Peshevski in an interview with TV 24 referred to the latest amendments to the law on labor relations which are in the process of being adopted in the Parliament of the Republic of N. Macedonia. He pointed out that the changes to the law are unconstitutional and there is a decision of the Constitutional Court about it, and the special law that is being passed now will cover all workers, because everyone can claim that their project is of national interest.

“I assure all viewers that this will again fall to the Constitutional Court, because there is no upper limit on overtime hours, the Law on Labor Relations is played differently, and that it will be a more legal solution than what we challenged at the Constitutional Court. With this legal solution, it will be necessary to work 72 working hours a week, it will be unconsciousness on the construction sites, victims and therefore we will need to challenge such articles before the Constitutional Court,” said Peshevski.


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