Trenchevska: Overtime even with consent will not be too long, construction depends on weather conditions


Even with consent, overtime work will not be too long because construction depends on weather conditions, and the restrictions on working at high and low temperatures apply to everyone, including construction workers, and that is why no upper limit of working hours is defined, the Macedonian Minister of Labor and Social Policy Jovanka Trenchevska said on Tuesday.

Therefore, as the minister says, there is nothing unconstitutional about it.

In the “24 analysis” political show on TV 24, Trenchevska also referred to the parliamentary debate on the Law on Labor Relations, and pointed out that she maintains that the law is within the framework of the Constitution.

The labor minister hopes that time will show that the fears about the safety of the workers will soon disappear, because Bechtel-Enka, as she pointed out, is a serious company.


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