Kovachevski does not deny, do the constitutional amendments include a binational state?


Kovachevski is still silent and does not deny the information that the constitutional amendments include turning Macedonia into a binational state, said VMRO-DPMNE in a press release on Thursday.
“There is no denying that Kovachevski and Ahmeti are agreeing to redefine Macedonia as a state, to be a binational state, in which there will be two peoples, several ethnic communities, which are now part of a nation within the framework of the Preamble of the Macedonian Constitution and everything else, which will be above a certain percentage related to last year’s so-called census, to be a minority.
It is clear the concession that Kovachevski has towards DUI, from where he receives financial compensations, but he should last only a few more months, so as not to cause further damage to the Macedonian identity,” said the largest opposition party.

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