Freedom House says the country experienced democratic progress, but also political polarization, score improved to 3.86


According to Freedom House’s Nations in Transit 2023 report, North Macedonia’s democracy score has improved from 3.82 to 3.86, meaning the country has experienced democratic progress, but also strong political polarization. The report measures the democratic progress of countries in transition over a one-year period.
North Macedonia scored 3.86 for democratic progress, which is an improvement from last year’s 3.82. In national democratic governance rating, the country scored 3.50, electoral process – 4.50, civil society – 4.75, independent media – 3.50, local democratic governance – 4.25, judiciary and independence – 3.25, and corruption – 3.25.
The report underlines that in North Macedonia, similarly strong political polarization and parliamentary blockades hampered the passage of legislation at the national level.

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