Professor Svetozarevikj schools Bulgarian reporters: You speak Macedonian language with added Russian words


Historian Branislav Svetozarevikj gave a real historical lesson to the Bulgarian reporters who came to provoke after the plan to open a Bulgarian club among the Macedonian minority in Albania failed.
“In the 21st century, Bulgarians do not recognize an entire nation. 300,000 Macedonians are not in the Bulgarian Constitution. Are you aware that in the 1956 census in Bulgaria there were 180,000 Macedonians in Pirin Macedonia. Is it taught somewhere in your textbooks that there is a Macedonian people,” the professor asked the Bulgarian media.
“You just have to recognize the Macedonian people and realize that there are three million Macedonians in the world. In diplomacy, reciprocity is clear – the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria is recognized and the Bulgarian minority in Macedonia is recognized. You are abusing the veto. You speak Macedonian language with added Russian words,” added Svetozarevikj.

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