The country marks World Multiple Sclerosis Day – 1,500 cases in Macedonia, 90 to 120 new cases each year


We have 1,500 people with multiple sclerosis and I want to emphasize that they are not alone. Their stories inspire us to encourage a more inclusive society, said Macedonian Minister of Health, FatmirMezhiti, at the event on Tuesday organized by the National Association for Help and Support of People with Multiple Sclerosis, on the occasion of May 30 – World Multiple Sclerosis Day.

“We are continuously in communication and coordination with the Health Insurance Fund and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, in order to meet the needs of these patients. In North Macedonia, the coverage of medication for multiple sclerosis is among the highest of the countries in the Balkans. The Ministry of Health is open for communication and cooperation, in order to jointly strive for the improvement of the treatment and health care of these persons,” stressed the health minister.

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