Spring onions and peppers with pesticides are in circulation, citizens are eating unsafe food


The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Food and Veterinary Agency (AHV) have knowingly put on the market vegetables containing pesticides, informs CvetanTripunovski, president of the VMRO-DPMNE Commission for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management.

“Today I am revealing four more reports on the analysis of vegetables that arrived and entered Macedonia. Namely, we are talking about spring onions and peppers, which are already found in some of the markets. The first two reports made in DFL confirm that in the analyzes of spring onions, an impermissible presence of pesticides was detected and these two reports are archived under archive number 10802-295/2 and 10802-296/2 from May 22, 2023,” Tipunovski said.

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