Ristevska Jordanova: The Bulgarian dictation has been included in the entire negotiating process, the constitutional amendments are only a part of the whole of Bulgarian demands


The constitutional amendments are only part of the whole set of demands by Bulgaria and she will absolutely continue to block them, said Malinka Ristevska Jordanova during an interview with TV 24.

“The constitutional amendments are only a part of the whole of the Bulgarian demands, which have not been substantially changed since 2019. The problem is that Bulgaria did not recognize the existence of the Macedonian people and identity, and this is constantly repeated,” said Ristevska Jordanova.

“In those conditions when they do not recognize our identity in general, not to mention the rights of the Macedonians in Bulgaria, then the pressure to insert the Bulgarians into the Constitution as one of the methods for fulfilling all the requirements brings us to a permanent position of uncertainty because we definitely have no guarantee that these requests will stop”, says Ristevska Jordanova.

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