Stojanche Angelov does not believe that there will be constitutional changes or snap elections


I don’t think that Hristijan Mickoski will change his attitude. No VMRO DPMNE MP will play it and vote for it. Regarding snap parliamentary elections, Prime Minister Kovachevski was clear that if he does not secure a two-thirds majority for the constitutional amendments, the work will continue.

There should not be extraordinary parliamentary elections because the regular ones are knocking on our door, and there is no need for his resignation. According to my information, there will be no early parliamentary elections, nor will there be a two-thirds majority, although we are under strong pressure from the European Union, and according to my forecast, it will intensify in the next period.

In my opinion, the Constitution should be changed according to the model of the Croatian model, Macedonia of the Macedonian people and the other minorities,” said the head of the Crisis Management Center Stojanche Angelov in an interview with Alfa TV.

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