Bekteshi: No guarantees that the food that had “frozen prices” will not increase


There is no guarantee that the products that until yesterday had frozen prices, regulated by government measures, will not become more expensive, said the Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi, after the meeting with his Bosnian counterpart, the Minister of Foreign Trade, Stasha Kosharac. Bekteshi pointed out that he received a promise from the companies that this will not happen and that in the event that irregularities are noticed, i.e. exaggerating the prices, then they will react.

“The measure to freeze the prices of agricultural products will not continue, considering that the price of certain products is already lower than the established level. Inflation in the area of food products is sharply decreasing, so we expect that in June the inflation in the country will be lower than ten percent,” replied Bekteshi to a media question.

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