Grubi claims that the Bechtel-Enka laws will not be revoked by the Constitutional Court


Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi does not believe that the laws related to Bechtel-Enka will not be revoked by the Constitutional Court, because, as he said, they do not contain the disputed working time of 60 hours a week.

“They will not be revoked by the Constitutional Court and I see no reason why there would be an initiative when the Labor Law does not contain the controversial working time of 60 hours. The legal solution stipulates that workers who want to work overtime will have to sign a consent and will have to be paid for it. The entire work is coordinated with the legal service in the Government, with the Legislative and Legal Commission, with all the experts that the Government has, and the ministries and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, so that there is absolutely no reason to dispute it or to consider it from The Constitutional Court,” said Grubi.

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