Three-layer painting from the 13th and 14th centuries discovered in the Church of Holy Virgin in Leshok


A larger fragment of a much older painting was found in the Church of Holy Virgin in Leshok, Tetovo, which is a rare opportunity to present a three-layer painting.
The conservators say that the exact date will be determined by historians, but most likely the part of the bishop comes from the 13th or 14th century.
The 17th-century painting will be placed on a support, so it can be moved and the older one underneath can be seen.
“The specificity is that we discovered a three-layer painting and the methods we apply are really innovative, by allowing the presentation of both the old painting and the one from the 17th century, while the one from the 19th century will be preserved where there is an opportunity. For that purpose, we made a special carrier, so that we can present the older painting, that carrier will be placed in the place from the 17th century and science will be able to see this painting that is underneath with the help of the carrier itself,”says Vlado Mukovski, conservator of wall paintings.

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