With a service in Ohrid OOA annexed to MOC-OA, the Synod should officially confirm the decision at a meeting on June 20


The Orthodox Ohrid Archdiocese (OOA) incorporated into the Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archdiocese (MOC-OA) through a service in Ohrid-based church St. Sofia on Monday.

The service was held on occasion of the anniversary from the presentation of the act of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) over MOC-OA’s autocephaly, thus putting an end to the 55-year-long dispute between the two churches.

MOC-OA and SOC pontiffs, HH Stefan and HH Porfirije respectively, held the Ohrid service, alongside several bishops from both churches.

“The decision over OOA’s incorporation into MOC-OA would be confirmed at a session of the Synod on June 20,” said Metropolitan of Debar and Kichevo, Timotej.


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