Poll: Continuous growth of support for VMRO-DPMNE from 21.5, and SDSM with 13.9 percent, only 11 percent believe that Macedonia is moving in the right direction


According to the latest field survey of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) if elections were to be held tomorrow in Macedonia, 21.5 percent of the respondents would vote for VMRO-DPPMNE, while only 13.9 percent would vote for SDSM.

More specifically: 21.5% would vote for VMRO-DPMNE, for SDSM 13.9%, for DUI 6.2%, for Alliance 3.4%, for Besa 3.6%, for Left 2.9%, for the Movement MaksimDimitrievski 1.7%, and 16.7% will not vote for anyone.

According to the opinion poll, 18.3 percent of the respondents did not know who they would vote for in the next elections, while 8.5 percent of the surveyed citizens refused to answer.

When asked where the country is moving, as many as 56 percent of respondents answered that it is in the wrong direction, while only 11 percent said that Macedonia is moving in the right direction.

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