Business is demanding accountability from officials, abolition of management boards and revision of non-working days, says Azeski


To raise the responsibility of officials and administrators to the highest level, to protect the country from abuse of power, to abolish the management boards in the institutions that have a total of 1,320 with 129,000 employees, to prevent the irregular use of official vehicles by introducing special registration marks, to revise the non-working days and to “wake up” the corrections of the government, head of the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce Branko Azeski said Thursday.

In front of a large number of representatives from the business sector, science and institutions, Azeski, in the third monthly address organized by the Chamber, stressed once again that export must become a top national priority, the alpha and omega of the Macedonian economy. He also referred to “populism in economic policies” and noted that the state must not interfere with business. It is also necessary, according to Azeski, to introduce economic diplomacy.



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