Shaqiri: We have 720 educational assistants, if there is a need the number will increase


We have 720 educated assistants and if there is a need, additional staff will be hired, Macedonian Minister of Education Jeton Shaqiri said Thursday.

“In the previous year we had 500, and this year there are 720 educational assistants. I hope that in the coming period, according to the data we will receive from the resource centers, we will know what the new number will be,” Shaqiri noted.

After awarding grants within the framework of the OSCE Project “Building New Bridges”, when asked whether the Ministry of Education and Culture has enough educational assistants, because, allegedly, there would be no enrollment of first-graders in the “Zlatan Sremec” school and children with typical and atypical development will study together, he pointed out that there is no information about it, and currently, through the electronic application, enrollment for students in elementary schools is underway, and will soon begin in secondary schools as well.

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