Slupchane residents share a condition: We will pay the debt to EVN if they write off the interest


EVN teams still cannot enter the village of Slupchane to reconstruct the distribution network because the residents are blocking the entrance to the village and threatening the workers.

“We are ready to pay the debt to EVN, but we do not want to pay interest on the interest. Promises to the villagers have not been fulfilled so far, and this is another reason for the revolt,” the president of the local community Seladin Shaini told TV News.

The total annual losses due to electricity theft in the village of Slupchane amount to more than 1 million euros, that is, about 6 GW/h. Percentage wise, 80% of the annual consumed energy is stolen, and only one third of the remaining 20% ​​of invoiced energy is successfully charged.

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